Para and Ability Dance WA

Para and Ability Dance WA is a charitable association that promotes health, wellness, and well-being through dance in a safe, accessible and inclusive environment for dancers living with a disability.

Our mission is with the support of the community and all levels of government, to provide support to achieve an all-inclusive, safe environment for dancers, family members and friends.

PADWA aims to combine the social aspects of dance with the personal achievements of its participants with regard to style, technique, and proficiency in all three styles of Ballroom Dancing.

Our vision is to create an environment promoting health and happiness through dance in a safe, secure and inclusive environment.

Up coming events:

Tokyo 2023 World Para Dance Sport International Championship, Japan – 5th and 6th August 2023


Para and Ability Dance WA (PADWA) became incorporated in September  2019, after a committee meeting on the 13th July 2019 of the Para Dancers coming together to discuss competing in the Australian DanceSport Championship in Melbourne.  From that meeting it was decided we should look at incorporating as a not-for-profit association, to be able to apply for grants to support travel, costumes and development of the sport.

Today PADWA is incorporated and applies for grants as a not-for-profit organisation as well as fundraising. 

The objects of our Association through Dance are-

  • To be a not-for-profit organisation that supports the active health and wellbeing of dancers with a disability through promotion, development and training;
  • To provide social activities that are safe and inclusive for dancers with a disability;
  • To encourage and empower dancers with a disability to actively participate within the association, partner organisations and the community;
  • To encourage and promote the development and expansion of all forms of dancing for dancers with a disability;
  • To promote and participate in community events that include dancers with a disability;
  • To co-operate with, and to seek co-operation from, dance promoters and all organisations supporting the dance community; and
  • To support and assist the disability community organisations wherever possible and practicable.

PADWA as a charitable association for people living with disabilities who have a love for dance. PADWA is able to advocate for the dancers from all the dance studios across both the metropolitan and country areas with competition organisers to enable members to participate and be a strong and important part of the Dancing community across Western Australia.

Above all, PADWA has adopted an underlying principle, while sharing in the joy of dance we have FUN and provide a safe and supportive environment.

PADWA members have been involved in a number of performances and displays and want to travel and compete regionally and interstate.  The PADWA members performances include the:

  • 2019 Disability Support Awards – Crown Ballroom
  • 2019 and 2020 Special Olympics State Titles Opening Ceremony – Rockingham
  • 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022 International Day of People with Disability – City of Belmont
  • 2020, 2021 and 2022 Perth Disability Expo – The Perth Convention Centre
  • 2020 City of South Perth Summer on the Foreshore – South Perth Foreshore
  • 2020 City of Victoria Park Jazz in the Park – Victoria Park
  • 2021 Fringe Show – Townsend Theatre
  • 2021 Ability Dance Come and Try Day – City of South Perth
  • 2021 International Day of People with Disability – City of South Perth
  • 2021 and 2022 International Day of People with Disability – Belmont Forum
  • 2022 Special Olympics DanceSport Development Day – Loftus Centre
  • 2022 Bingo Fundraiser – Manning Senior Citizens Centre
  • 2023 World Para Dance Coaching Course – Perth Town Hall
  • 2023 Ballroom Bingo in partnership with the Rotary Club of Como – Collier Street Centre, South Perth
  • 2023 Special Olympics DanceSport Development Competition
  • 2023 Special Olympics WA DanceSport State Games

PADWA has held three workshops to date for members and been involved as a partner with DanceSport Western Australia in a third workshop:

  • 2020 DanceSport Australian Western Australia Para and Ability Dance Workshop – Government House
  • 2021 Dance Make-up workshop – The Manning Senior Citizens Centre
  • 2021 Body and Arm Styling workshop – The Como Primary School Hall

PADWA currently has over 60 registered members, but with every event held, more members are recruited.

2019, Abilities Dancers, Perth and Mandurah
2019, Vision Impaired Dancers, Victoria Park
2020 Annual DanceSport Championship, Rockingham
2020 Para Dance Team, Perth
2021 City of South Perth Come and Try Day, South Perth
2021 City of Belmont International Day of People with Disabilities, Belmont
2021 Telethon, Burswood
2022 Perth Disability Connect Expo, Perth
2023 World Para Dance Coaches Course, Perth
2023 World Para Dance Coaches Course, Perth
2023 Night of Stars National DanceSport Championship, Joondalup

PADWA is always fundraising and seeking grant opportunities to support the workshops, events, travel and training opportunities for members.

If you like what PADWA are doing, you can join the Facebook group to get all the info on current and upcoming events and opportunities.

To find out more about DanceSport visit the website